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This page includes materials for screening students for participation in CBITS, measuring adherence and fidelity, and evaluating outcomes. We've also provided instructions for how to effectively use these tools to monitor how well you are delivering CBITS.

There are no required measures for screening or evaluation. Some organizations will already have useful tools in place that can be used.  

Screening.  CBITS is designed for children exposed to a traumatic event, who are experiencing current symptoms of PTSD.  Here we provide some potential measures, but any good assessment of trauma exposure and PTSD symptoms could be used.

Adherence and Fidelity.  This measure is designed specifically for CBITS implementation, and includes both content and quality. 




Evaluation.  CBITS is targeted towards children with PTSD symptoms, so those are the key symptoms to measure.  However, you may also want to measure anxiety, depressive symptoms, or behavior problems, as we have done in our research studies.  Here we provide some potential measures you could use, but there are many other options to consider.